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EXO reaction to Red Velvet Peekaboo & Red Flavor 171202
161119 EXO Reaction To Russian Roulette - Red velvet @Melon Awards 2016
EXO reaction to Red Velvet Red Flavor - Melon Awards 2017
SHINee & EXO react to Red Velvet's Dumb Dumb @ 160114 SMA
150122 SMA BTS & EXO Reaction To Red Velvet- Happiness
EXO reaction when RED VELVET appeared on screen @MMA 2016
160217 EXO AND BTS reaction to Red Velvet 'Ice Cream Cake'
RED VELVET reaction to EXO Ko Ko Bop 코코밥 @MMA MELON AWARDS 2017
EXO react to Red Velvet - Red flavor MMA 2017 #EXO #RedVelvet #RedFlavor #kpop
1161119 EXO reaction to Red Velvet Win @ Melon awards 2016
141221 EXO reaction to Red Velvet - Happiness @ 2014 SBS Gayo Daejun
170119 EXO BTS reaction to Red Velvet 26th Seoul Awards
161119 MelOn Awards 2016 Red Velvet - Top 10 Artist Award
Exo Reaction Twice Likey @ MMA 2017
EXO and B1A4 react to Red Velvet Happiness
170820 EXO REACT TO RED VELVET - ZOO at the Red Room
ردة--فعل--اعضاء--اكسو--لاغنية--RED VELVET   Happiness=141221 EXO Reactions
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